About Us

Twin Shores Wealth Management focuses on the future—not the status quo—of investing and wealth management.

We understand that traditional approaches to wealth management often don’t work in today’s shifting financial landscape. Those who survive the economic winds ahead will be those who adapt—rather than resist—changes in technology, strategy, and other financial tools of this new era. We’re here to share forward-thinking approaches to managing our clients’ wealth through the shifting tides of time.

Our Team

Collectively, our team brings 100+ years of dedicated service to the wealth management space, with a quickly growing focus on tech-forward, future-focused strategies.

Timothy D. Nihill


Tim oversees the delivery of advice to our client families and sets the firm’s overall strategic vision and direction. He brings 25+ years of experience, working exclusively with entrepreneurs and families in investment management, retirement, multi- generational planning and businesses. Prior to founding Twin Shores Financial, Tim has a long history in finance at BlackRock, 401(k) Advisors/Retirement Plan Advisory Group and Commonwealth Financial Network where he was an entrepreneur in larger structures and systems.

Jyoti Nihill


Jyoti has spent 30 plus years in the financial services industry. She built herself and her career from the ground up after moving to the United States from Mumbi, India at the age of 16. She has had a long career in pensions, annuities, retirement and focuses on the financial management of our organization.

Vency Tewani


Vency Tewani is in charge of our operations and handling the day to day for all of our needs for operations, new business, compliance, etc. In addition to those duties he is involved in the search and selection of our alternative investment platform and what we use for our clients’ financial portfolios. Vency has a long career in the banking industry where he spent 15+ years in compliance, operations and management.

Alex Krygier


Alex is our head of analysis for all commodities, including natural resources, precious metals and everything commodity related. He spends his time studying the international markets and how changes across the world translate into our daily lives. In addition to this, he helps our clients identify investment opportunities and translates how to implement commodities into their financial strategies.

Alex Kaminer

Content Strategist

Alex is in charge of planning, developing and implementing our content strategies through social media and other technology platforms. He helps us bring relevant content to our clients, families and audiences to become a trusted resource to investors across the world. Alex comes to us as a graduate of Elon University where he earned his degree in Journalism.



As a team, we use the latest in big data analytics and AI-driven decision-making to provide our clients with the most accurate and up-to-date advice. We also employ cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, smart contracts, and cryptocurrency to help our clients make the most of their investments.

We are committed to rethinking traditional wealth management and assessing what will work in the future—not carrying forward what has worked in the past. We are always innovating and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of wealth management.