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We work with clients around their unique financial goals—whether you’re pursuing long-term financial freedom, investing for a particular timeframe in life, or planning for your family generations down the line. 

Advanced Planning – Live the life you want to live™

We engage with people to analyze all of their financial strategies, have in depth conversations with what they are looking to accomplish and plan for in life, then create a master plan to achieve financial independence. Once independence is achieved, we then enhance and safeguard individual’s and family’s net worth with the skillful leverage of legal, tax and financial experts.

Whether a client is already working with a financial professional, a “do it yourself” type, or need a full service financial organization—we help make sure our client’s are in the optimal position to achieve their goals and have a forward looking point of view.

Tax Management

Taxes are the number 1 expense in everyone’s life. We have seen that this is the first place to start when you want to build your net worth and move towards financial independence. Everyone needs to keep their money in their own pockets.

In our world, the general rule of thumb is the rule of 72. Take the number 72, divided by your annual investment performance and that is how many years it takes to double your investments (for example 72/10% = 7.2 years). This can be greatly accelerated. The better you manage your taxes, the faster you increase and impact your overall net worth. 

Our founder greatly understands this after growing up in a family of CPAs. That is why our strategy is not to buy a basket of index funds and attempt to grow from there. It is a deep dive into tax, cash and investment management and aligning a person’s financial life to accelerate and realize net worth growth.

Investment Management

Investment management at Twin Shores Financial is the equivalent to designing and building a house, bridge or stable structure which is reliable and can weather each and every storm.  Today’s markets are like casinos – as long as Wall Street can day trade stocks, bonds, currencies and treasuries, we do not think it is prudent to put 100% of your financial lives at risk in the casino. We like going to the casino with some cash in hand and a bit extra in your shoe. If you win, great, if you lose, no big deal.

This perspective is a change in today’s investment POVs. Asset allocation in stocks, bonds and cash prove unreliable especially when you consider the time value of money.

We like investing in hard assets things that are real; not to say we cannot play the market game, we do. And we like to be in a position to play it a little more aggressively which can happen when you have a solid foundation to your financial house and structure.

That is why we start first looking at implementing investment strategies which are real and you can touch, see and go to: real estate (residential, commercial, industrial, technological), franchises, commodities, energy, etc. If we can de-market as much as possible, it gives people the opportunity to play the market game in a different way, while allowing our client’s to sleep at night knowing their financial lives and futures are not market dependent.

Liquidity Analysis

Life changes happen. These events happen all of the time which can catch you and your financial lives off guard. We are always helping people look at, prepare for and manage all of life’s risks. 

We look at not only what risk and market exposures our clients have today, we also look at all market exposures which exist in their lives, especially with careers, income, etc. In addition to that we work with our clients around what their liquidity truly is (for example – retirement accounts which you cannot access until 59.5 are not liquid) and we examine at how different life changes can affect their financial lives.

After these risks and changes are identified, we help our clients figure out how they can transfer, manage or self-insure all risks and potential for life changes.

Divorce Coaching

The divorce process can be grueling. Too many people are spending way too much time over the dissolution of a relationship and paying way too much money to many of the professions in the family law industry. Divorce is what it is and the best thing to do is let it be, let it go and go with the flow. And while you’re doing so, put yourself in the best position to live the life you want to live(™) on the other side of it. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, but it is always greener where you choose to water it.

We help people navigate the trials and tribulations of the divorce process and help manage the energies, emotions and feelings of the situation, along with the financial aspects. Getting through the process in a healthier, wealthier manner is what we help our clients do.

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